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PR: Breaking Taboos With Vivid Recounting of Child-Loss, Stillbirth, and Fertility Issues.

New Book, Feathers & Rainbows, Breaks Remaining Taboos With Vivid Recounting of Child-Loss, Stillbirth, and Fertility Issues.

Karen Adams never thought she would ever write a book about fertility. Having had two children in her twenties, she thought that was it on the baby-front... until she divorced and later met Trevor, the love of her life. She had toyed with the idea of adopting another child, but this new relationship solidified that both she and Trevor wanted their own babies. The issue was, she was in her late thirties, and he was in his late forties.

And then began a several year's-long journey that included every obstacle and adversity imaginable: medical challenges, age issues, incompetent IVF clinics in the UK, international IVF, COVID19, numerous miscarriages, and the tragic stillbirth of their full-term baby, Bobby.

Karen was compelled to write Feathers & Rainbows to share their journey as there are still so many taboos when speaking about baby loss and fertility as an "older couple". It's often still expected that couples, and particularly women, grieve in silence and move on quickly. But this approach fails to recognise the profound loss experienced, including the loss of future hopes and dreams.

Karen and Trevor hope this book will bring comfort to those on a fertility journey, those grieving a loss, or even those forced to find a different “happy ending”. Karen’s journey has ended with the birth of baby Archie; however, there are many happy endings possible even if there is no baby to show for it. Karen feels there needs to be more space made for these narratives in our society and support for women, no matter how their journey ends.

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